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Little Beaver State Park offers 18 trails for hiking.

Beaver Creek Trail

Many seasonal wildflowers and a stand of virgin pine and oak are features of this half-mile trail that encircles a portion of Beaver Creek. The trail runs above the lake.

Billy Goat's Gruff

This is a challenging bike trail full of rocks and steep inclines. It is an extreme .6 mile challenge.

Black Bear Run

A .5 mile trail that follows a laurel thicket along Beaver Creek.

Creek Bed

A moderate .4 mile of wooded trail for bikers and hikers.

Crooked Rock Trail

Very rocky and challenging trail with steep terrain. 1.2 miles.

Deer Trail

An open trail with .8 miles of changing terrain. The trail changes from an open field to a steep wooded incline.

Drop Off

Starts off moderate and then becomes very steep. .4 mile.

Easy Street

A wooded .5 mile easy trail. Wooded with moderate changing terrain.

Hemlock Trail

A moderate .25 mile trail in a stand of hemlocks.

Laurel Creek

This trail is 2.6 miles and is the second longest trail in the park. It follows the park boundary along Country Club Road and is an easy to moderate walk with changing scenery.

Lake Front Trail

A loop trail that follows the lake front. Very easy and a 1.1 distance.

Nature Ridge

This trail has an incline, sometimes steep, that follows the ridge above the lake. It is a 2.2 mile trail

Railroad Grade

This trail is 1.95 miles long. The scenery ranges from deep woods to open meadows. Gentle loop trail that follows Laurel Run Creek.

Rhododendron Run

This trail is 2.5 miles long, which makes it the longest in the park. It follows the park boundary with extreme terrain challenges to bikers and hikers.

Stone Trough

Rocky and steep wooded trail with changing terrain. The length is .9 miles.

Topper's Ridge

This rocky trail is .7 miles long. It is considered to be a moderate to extreme trail for bikers.

Turkey Spur

A short rocky trail that runs along a ridge spur. .5 miles.

Weaver Way

Moderate 1.5 mile wooded trail with changing terrain.

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